Dave's True Story
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Dave's True Story is a jazzy pop combo featuring Dave Cantor's intelligent, sometimes quirky lyrics, Kelly Flint's smooth-as-silk vocals and Jeff Eyrich's acoustic upright bass laying a solid rhythm track beneath it all. They have built an impressive body of accomplishments since their formation in 1994. Winners of the 1995 Kerrville New Music Award as well as numerous and various other surprising accomplishments, they have performed nationally and internationally to wide critical and commercial acclaim.

Dave and Kelly met in 1989 through the Fast Folk group of songwriters. Chanteuse, Kelly Flint, a teenage Joni Mitchell freak turned twenty-something fan of Keely Smith and Lulu, had been singing backup around town and feeding her dreams as a waitress at the Cookery, an old cabaret where she befriended blues legend Alberta Hunter. David Cantor, a one-time student of the Berklee College of Music and an avid songwriter, started performing his offbeat jazzy songs at open-mics at places like the Speakeasy. Kelly and Dave passed each other like two ships in the night until a snowy evening in 1992 when they cemented their friendship over shots of Jack Daniels at the old Village Corner. Kelly proposed that Dave teach her a song and the rest, as they say, is history. Well, not quite. Jeff Eyrich signed on in 1998, bringing his upright bass and considerable production experience into the picture.

Dave's True Story is an independent band whose notoriety has been built mainly by word of mouth and hundreds of live shows.

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